About Chemisan

Deleksan’s subsidiary Chemisan is a trading and distribution company and active in multiple industry segments spanning detergents, cosmetics, agro, construction, coating and more.
Among our customers are leading companies such as Teva, Adama, Haifa Chemicals, Tower, Sano, Shaniv Group, Albaad, and Cosmopharm.

Our commitment to service excellence includes on-time delivery of supplies, quality assurance, and a wide range of chemicals.
Chemisan represents hand-picked and trusted suppliers that are agile and committed to a high level of service.

These suppliers are competitive and seek to increase their sales volume through our partnership.
We regularly introduce new materials to the market based on our research, experience and our suppliers’ support.

Chemisan customers benefit from the combined offering of Chemisan’s prime raw chemicals, Deleksan’s catalog of recycled chemicals and Deleksan’s recycling and waste management solutions. By including prime products and high-quality recycled products in the production process Chemisan customers experience operational efficiencies through reduced production costs that improve bottom-line results and reduce carbon output.

We supply in bulk, packed products and other packing options based on customer requests.
Our service includes distribution from Sunday – Friday and includes holiday evenings.