Our Solution

Deleksan’s recycled chemicals are a result of the combined expertise in recycling processes, waste management and research & development. Through innovative recycling technologies we deliver a sustainable and affordable green alternative to virgin chemicals.

Deleksan Global

We sell and export wide range of high-purity recycled chemicals to customers around the globe.

Our proprietary technologies enable us to produce recycled chemicals in large quantities from organic streams. This creates an environmentally friendly and closed loop economy resulting in a significantly lower carbon footprint for manufacturing processes.

The current monthly production output of our facility is 3,000MT. We provide different packaging options including direct shipping in Isotanks, containers with drums or with IBCs. Our facility operates 24/7 providing utmost flexibility to accommodate your needs.

Deleksan Local

In our local market, we offer companies a unique 360○ approach to waste management covering all their needs across the entire production cycle and provide them the most cost-effective solution for waste treatment and waste disposal. This includes seamless access to the full range of premium chemicals through our subsidiary Chemisan and high-purity recycled chemicals through Deleksan. We also provide customers with a door-to-door recycling loop for chemicals used in their production processes. Our premium services and products reduce the logistics overhead and increase operational efficiency for manufactures across multiple industries.

Combined with our expertise in customizing waste management processes and handling all the recycling needs, Deleksan aims to become a long-term partner by helping manufacturers to minimize their waste disposal costs and reduce their carbon footprint.

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